About Somalis jobs

Somalis Jobs is the spot for jobseekers to secure the position of their fantasies and for selection representatives to publicize their opening to find/arrive at the right competitors, effectively and cost-actually. Somali Positions was established in December 2011.

The fundamental goals of keeping up with this blog is to have a far reaching and effectively open stage for Somali Work Searchers and Bosses. We are interfacing bosses and occupation searchers in the Somali district and east Africa too. We mean to help Somali work searchers to advantageously peruse all positions accessible in Somali district and those that different nationals are qualified to go after, such positions remember occupations for UN Offices, Worldwide NGOs, and those around the East Africa nations, particularly in Somali Locales.

To improve on the correspondence between work searchers and businesses working in the Somali Locales and East Africa utilizing the arising innovation, and coordinating a yearly profession fairs where the two partner meet in a similar spot for balanced interview and connections.