Terms Of Reference for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Specialized Consultancy Firm or Individual Consultant to Set and Administer Final Examination and Grade Result for Certification Centre For Peace And Democracy –

December 2, 2022
Application deadline closed.

Job Description





Centre for Peace and Democracy (CPD) with the support of DKH is implementing a market-driven Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) project targeting youth from vulnerable internally displaced people (IDPs) in Galkayo South District of Galmudug State. The project’s overall objective is the integration of internally displaced former pastoralists into emerging urban economic sectors in Galkacyo District. The TVET project aims at improving access to market-driven skills training and employment opportunities for Youth (Women & men) between the age of 18 and 24 years. The project has been in implementation since 1st December 2020 and the first batch of 110 trainees expected to graduate in December 2022.

The TVET training under the project is being implemented through Vocational Training Centers (VTC) in Galkayo South district of Galmudug State managed by CPD and others contracted for supporting practical sessions. The intervention will collaborate with private sector small and medium enterprises. The project is also working with the Galmudug Ministry of Education and other stakeholders through the Galmudug TVET Working Group, a TVET stakeholders mechanism set up in the State with the overall goal of formalizing the TVET sector under the fold of the Ministry of Education with the support of Ministry of Labour and Social Development

As part of the TVET delivery process that started with the development of curricula and endorsement covering 4 vocational courses, selection of trainees, and training in the courses over a 10-month period for the courses, CPD with the support of DKH seeks to engage a TVET-specialized consultancy firm, or individual, to set and administer the final examination and results grading for certification leading to the required testing, both theoretical (70% of pass marks) and practical (30% practical) for the 1st batch of 110 trainees and subsequent batch a similar number of trainees to be enrolled later. The planned final examinations will cover the following courses and grades; 1. Automotive Mechanic (Level 1), 2. Electrical Installation (Level 1), 3. Masonry (Level 1) and Front Office Operations (Level 1).

The firm will closely work with the CPD TVET project team led by the Project Manager, TVET trainees and trainers, Galmudug State’s Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labor, and the vocational training centers contracted to offer the practical sessions of the 4 indicated TVET courses.

The certification follows the endorsement of the TVET curricula by the Galmudug Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and the Ministry of Education, the two-line ministries responsible for TVET education including certification and standards.

The TVET Expert will assume the following specific roles and responsibilities: –

Set quality TVET standard exams based on both theoretical and practical approaches to test the competency-based curricula-based courses in the 4 indicates vocational courses offered under the project.
Translation of the set examinations into the Somali language.
Support the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour in reviewing the set exams in the 4 TVET courses and incorporate their feedback resulting in the final approval.
Undertake an exam rehearsal/mock to familiarize the trainees with required examination administrations (ethics, Standards, and core testing areas as provided under the competence-based curriculum).
Manage the administration of the exams with the help of invigilators and supervisors/trainers.
Ensure that the certification process should promote modular-based occupational qualifications with clearly defined standards and learning outcomes. They should state the exact qualification and the list of competencies attained.
Develop examination references derived from the competence-based TVET curricula for the 4 courses (exam rules, instructions, framework/policy/guidelines for vocational skills testing and certification).

Provide mechanisms to receive feedback from Trainers, Trainees, employers, and other stakeholders who are interested in skills testing and certification and consider their inputs towards improvement.
Preliminary Schedule/Timelines

With close collaboration and consultation with wider TVET stakeholders in the region, set up exam questions for the four TVET courses taught at the TVET centers. The firm should reference the TVET curriculum for guidance and competency-based assessment and evaluation.
Set exam timetables and exam assessment and evaluation guidelines for grading and certification.
Conduct exam rehearsal meetings with trainees and trainers to ensure exam procedures, protocols, guidelines, and ethics are religiously adhered to.
Establish a team consisting of invigilators and supervisors to oversee the entire examination process.
Conduct training for the invigilators and supervisors on ethics and protocols for conducting examinations of high-quality assurance.
Establish a database and ensure learner records, achievement data, and certification data.
A report on the TVET examination conduct (highlighting the learned lessons and challenges encountered and possible areas of improvement in examination conduct.
14 Days (tentatively)

Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Technical Education, or any other related field.
At least six years of relevant experience in planning, managing, coordinating, and supervising Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs in Somalia.
Experience of working in politically unstable situations and knowledge of Somalia, its culture, and political background.
Conceptual understanding and practical experience of TVET Frameworks/Policies, linking TVET with employment opportunities and livelihood development.
Strong analytical and report writing skills, including experience in designing TVET Frameworks, and monitoring and evaluation of frameworks.
Knowledge of gender dynamics and analysis in the Somalia context.
Ability to liaise with various stakeholders from the private and public sectors.
Readiness to fully comply with CPD/DKH policies and procedures.
Compliance with CPD’s PSEA policy (Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse) and signing it before engagement.
Team building skills.
Fluency in spoken and written Somali and English
Proficiency in basic computer applications.

How to apply
Suitable candidates or firms are encouraged to send their application made up of a cover letter and updated resume with 3 referees for the individual consultant and firm profile, cover letter, and CVs of a lead consultant to hr@cpd-africa.org on or before 8th December, 2022. Applications can also be hand-delivered to our offices in Mogadishu, Adado, and Galkayo South.

Subject ‘Technical and Vocational Education Training Specialized Consultancy firm for the Galkayo South TVET Project’.

Incomplete applications will be considered inadmissible for further review by the selection panel.

For questions on the application process please contact the same email addresses above.