Provision Of Legal Aid Services For Displacement Affected Communities

December 5, 2022
Application deadline closed.

Job Description



Since 2012, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has been providing Information, Counselling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) in Somalia. These services span across all federal states. NRC’s ICLA project has prided itself in providing a wide range of high quality, affordable and client- centred legal services to displaced men, women and young people in collaboration with other actors in the sector. Our counselling centres lead by example, setting the standards of excellence for quality and legal aid services. This includes creating a calm and inviting environment and teams of professional and passionate people, who put our clients first. We also replicate this quality through everything we do, whether that is our mobile outreach teams, network, counselling centre teams and the products we provide post legal assistance. Wherever you see the NRC counselling centre, you should always expect the best possible experience.


NRC hereby seeks to create a pool of preferred service providers to provide legal services to the NRC on an ad hoc basis. Suitable firms of legal practitioners are hereby required to submit their intent for participation on the preferred supplier database.

Scope of Services

The successful firms will be required to render legal services to the NRC clients in the following areas:

Provision of specialized legal aid in all areas of law to displacement affected communities including vulnerable hosts in Somalia.
Provision of regulatory support and legal advice relating to individuals or collectively to groups regarding emphasis to civil, criminal and administrative legal matters.
Litigation and litigation support relating to areas as identified above including any other courts of law, statutory tribunals, and other administrative bodies
Providing legal opinion on the interpretation of high risk and complex cases affecting displacement affected communities and individuals to be concluded by the NRC and third parties taking into account all respective legislation.
Recovery of assets, litigation costs and any other orders.
Defending or instituting civil actions instituted by or against the NRC clients in any court, tribunal or administrative body.
Reviewing documents, contracts and evidence.
Target Groups

Internally displaced persons (IDPs)
Refugees and asylum seekers
Returning refugees/IDPs
Poor and vulnerable host communities.
Duration for the Contract

The contract will be performance based and for a period of one (2) year.
Key Competencies

· Accountability.

· Independence.

· Integrity.

· Inclusive.

· Teamwork and Responsibility.

· Digital competence.

· Commercial Awareness.

· Decision Making.

· Communication.

· Leadership.

· Result Orientation and problem-solving skills.

· Adaptability and analytical thinking skills.

Minimum Requirements

· Registration Certificate from the relevant body to prove fidelity.

· Pricing: A detailed fee breakdown structure, inclusive of the lead attorney’s fee, must be included. All pricing must be shown inclusive of any applicable Taxes. Proof that the bidder has been in existence and practice for a period of at least five (5) years prior to the closing date of this request for the proposals.

· Lead attorney’s/Counsel’s (s) proof of qualifications and admission as an advocate of the high court.

· Curriculum vitae of the lead attorney (s) reflecting the following:

o Qualifications of all legal attorneys and counsel.

o Area (s) of service and years of experience in the identified area (s) of service.

o Record of attendance, i.e. record of attendance and summary of four (4) complex matters attended to by the lead attorney (s) under the identified areas of service in the last two (2) years prior to the closing date of this request for proposals.

o Proof that the lead attorney (s) has at least seven (7) years’ post admission experience in the identified area(s).

o In-cases where the firm of attorneys has more than one area of service as recorded in paragraph outlining scope of services above, all the relevant areas of service must be recorded in the proposal together with the details of the relevant lead attorney/legal counsel.

· Letter of good standing with the relevant Law Society Record of Infrastructure and Systems:

o Confirmation of the premises from which the service provider operates or conducts business,

o Bidder’s communication systems and document service facilities (i.e. the lead attorney/Counsel and his support staff’s e-mail address and telephone number)

o Computer systems and type (s) of software used.

· Declaration of conflict of interest.

· Documented evidence indication solid experience providing similar services for vulnerable persons including but not limited to Displaced Communities and work with INGOs/UN.

· Summary of similar assignments executed in the last three years

· Names and contacts of least three professional references.

Monitoring and Evaluation

· NRC shall monitor and evaluate the progress of the assignment/s on an ongoing basis.

· Quality Assurance of the assignment shall be provided by the service provided in a form reporting to the duly nominated NRC official adhering to agreed timeframes.

· In carrying out the work, the service provider must ensure that its staff maintains their objectivity by remaining independent in executing the activities they execute.