Terms Of Reference for Consultancy for the Development of the Somalia Partnership Compact

Application deadline closed.

Job Description

The Federal Government of Somalia’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education (MOECHE) has decided to access part of its System Capacity Grant allocation for pre-Partnership Compact activities, Compact development as well as support some areas of capacity strengthening. In line with the GPE grant requirements, MOECHE has undertaken the process of Grant Agent selection. Through a consultative and transparent process, MOECHE in September2022, selected CARE International as the Grant Agents for the System Capacity Grant. The decision was approved by the Education Sector Committee on 3rd October2022. After the selection process was finalized, the Grant Agent applied to GPE for a portion of the System Capacity Grant. The part of the grant will be used to develop the Partnership Compact.

The Ministry has put together a Task Force comprising of representatives of the education partners. Four groups were formed, data and evidence, Gender equity, Sector Coordination, and domestic financing. The Task Force have since completed the initial screening of the Enabling Factors, identified the three policy areas to be targeted and worked on the contextual analysis of each Enabling Area. This has now been submitted to GPE for review.

On their part, MOECHE with funding from GPE and with Save the Children as the Grant Agent undertook the education sector analysis covering four Federal States (Jubaland, Galmudug, Southwest and Hirshabelle) and Benadir Regional Administration. Based on the sector analysis and an extensive stakeholder dialogue, the Ministry has also finalized the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP) 2022 -2026. The ESSP has been appraised by an independent consultant and the recommendations incorporated into the final document. These three key documents are available and will be shared with the successful consultants/firm.

Purpose of the Consultancy
The purpose of the consultancy is to facilitate dialogue between the ministry of Education, culture and Higher education and the education stakeholders through the Education sector Committee on identifying the bottlenecks to transformational change of the Somali education system and guide and complete the development of the partnership compact development process in line with the GPE guidelines. A comprehensive analysis report, a Partnership Compact document and related documents including factsheet on financial requirements and power point presentation will be developed under the ownership and leadership of the MOECHE.

The Director General -MOECHE and CARE Somalia Program Director will jointly supervise and monitor the Consultant’s performance and deliverables. They will be supported by the GPE Coordinator and CARE Global Technical Advisor Research and M & E. The Consultant will work directly with the GPE Coordinator, CARE Program Director to ensure key actions taken and milestones met for the Partnership Compact process in a timely manner.

The Specific Objectives of the Consultancy
The specific objectives of this assignment are as follows:

Review strategic documents, including relevant GPE guidelines.
Support MOECHE Task Force Team, in understanding the requirements for preparing a Partnership Compact document, within the overall process of preparation for GPE applications.
Conduct participatory consultations with MOECHE and ESC
Support MOECHE and Task Force members to organize group consultations, state level consultations, and a national conference and document key points and consultation processes.
Draft and support finalization of a Partnership Compact document and ensure feedback from MOECHE Teams, ESC, Local donor Group and other key stakeholders are included.
Develop complementary documentation including factsheets on key priorities and financial requirements in the form of investment case for supporting education targets.
Inception report and workplan
Draft Partnership Compact
Finalized Partnership Compact
Report of state level consultation
Report of the National Education Conference
Report of the gender analysis
CARE Somalia: Management of contract, monitoring and technical quality assurance
Consulting firm/consultants – Guide the deliverables development process and take responsibility for producing the desired deliverables in a timely manner.
MOECHE – provide any information/support required to the Consultant(s) that would help in completing the work successfully and review the draft document to ensure alignment with their priorities.
Coordinating Agency (EU) and the ESC to work with MOECHE to review and approve the final Partnership Compact
Scope of the work
The bulk of the work will be done in Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital city. The consultancy may also involve visiting other federal states –Jubaland, Southwest, Galmudug, Hirshabelle and Benadir Regional Administration where the security situation permits. Therefore, travel to the field within Somalia is envisaged.

The assignment is expected to commence in early January2023 through to March 2023
Advanced university degree in the fields of education, economics and finance and any related fields.

At least 5 years of work experience in a relevant field. Experience in development of policy level documents, including related to financial analysis and costing

Strong technical knowledge of education, with specific focus on policy work, financial analysis and costing
Strong analytical and conceptual thinking. Excellent writing, communication, and presentation skills with stakeholders. Ability to work under pressure and commitment to work to tight timeframe. Demonstrated ability to work effectively in an education ministry and with education stakeholders.
Experience in Somalia education system is considered an advantage.
Fluency in English.

How to apply
All applications MUST be accompanied by a technical and financial proposal.

Interested consultants or firms are expected to submit their applications, and updated CVs of individuals to conduct the consultancy or profile of applying company to: SOM.Consultant@care.org.Please indicate “Consultancy for the development of the Compact’’ as the subject heading no later than 12, December 2022.

Female applicants with requisite Somali experience are highly encouraged.

CARE is an equal-opportunity employer promoting gender, equity, and diversity. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Our selection process reflects our commitment to the protection of children from abuse