Temporary Neonatal Nurse (3 Positions)

January 15, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

SOS Children’s Villages invites applications from suitably qualified and interested candidates who fulfill the eligibility criterion for the three positions of Neonatal Nurse.

Job Title: Temporary Neonatal Nurse (3 Positions)

Reporting to: Doctor

Location: Baidoa


Nurses who work in the neonatal unit care for sick and premature infants, whose medical status can deteriorate in an instant. Nurses function as critical care nurses, whose small charges might have multiple intravenous lines and medications as well as ventilators to keep them alive. The employee will also be expected to deal with parents of the children in the neonatal unit.


This job description outlines only the general scope of activity and the basic tasks and responsibilities associated with this position. It may be supplemented with a more detailed definition of tasks and responsibilities and is subject to change at the discretion of the employee’s immediate supervisor. The Neo- Natal Nurse will carry out all the tasks below.

1) Taking Primary Care of the Newborn Infants

Participates in the nutritional assessment and feeds the new born according to standard feeding guidelines (WHO, MSF, SOMALIA)
Order supplies and consumables for the new born section
As per the hospital rules and guidelines, the neonatal nurse monitors the newborn’s vitals.
Changing the newborn’s diaper, feeding the newborns, giving medicines at the right time in right quantities as prescribed by the doctors.
Orient the parents of the newborns to take care of the basic needs and requirements of the baby from the neonatal nurses.
Closely monitor the ups and downs in the health conditions of the baby to enable quick decisions to be taken to save the newborn from any kind of disorders.
Blood testing, doing the job of blood transfusion, and inserting IVs and changing them at the right time.
2) The Technical Aspects

Do the task of keeping a record of the health details of all the newborns which are very useful for doctors and other nurses to view the changes and arrive at conclusions fast.
Contacting the parents of the newborn in times of emergency and notifying the doctors
3) Providing Emotional or Mental Support

Give neonatal parents emotional support, especially at times when the need arises for medical procedures, that is, informing the parents about their child’s health complications and assuring them of better results
Provide health education to mothers on newborn care, exclusive breast feeding and immunization
4) Respiratory Care

If a baby is on a ventilator, the nurse should make sure the tube is properly placed, that the baby’s oxygen saturation remains above a certain level and that blood gasses show good oxygen exchange.
The nurse makes sure the tubing is patent, tape the tube in place and check it each shift.
Keeping the prongs in place and assessing oxygenation levels if the baby is on continuous positive air pressure, or CPAP
For a baby on nasal cannula oxygen, the nurse adjusts the settings, check the prongs for placement and assess the effectiveness of the treatment.
5) Medications

Give medications according to the prescribed dosage and timings.
Blood transfusions: the nurse must run blood at a precise rate via a pump and verify the blood type, in addition to watching for signs of a transfusion reaction.
Starting IVs and drawing blood
Assessing IV sites for skin breakdown or other skin damage is also done frequently, since newborns, particularly premature newborns, have very delicate skin.
6) Psychological Support

The neonatal nurse plans her/ his care so as to disturb the baby as infrequently as possible.
Create an atmosphere that is quiet in order to enable the necessary infant growth and development as well as healing in sick newborns by dimming lights or covering the isolate to reduce stimulation, if possible.
7) Communication

As with any nursing position, keeping the oncoming shift, physicians and other professionals apprised of any changes in the baby’s condition is also necessary.
Write concise and accurate notes and give a comprehensive report to help keep everyone in the loop so that care can be customized and changed as needed.
Skills and Qualifications
Bachelor Degree/Diploma or any equivalent and certified document in nursing
Literate in spoken and written English & Somali
Previous experience as a Neonatal Nurse
Competencies – knowledge, skills, abilities

Interpersonal skills.
Able to persistently and effectively tackle complex problems
Able to work with a variety of people in a remote setting
Independent, self-motivated, confident, interested in learning and committed to excellence.
Child Safeguarding Policy:

SOS Children’s Villages Somalia holds strict child safeguarding principles and a zero-tolerance policy for conducts of sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse in the workplace and other places where the organization’s activities are rendered. Parallel to technical competence, recruitment, selection and hiring decisions will give due emphasize to assessing candidates value congruence and thorough background checks, police clearance reference check processes. SOS Children’s Villages organization is committed to safeguarding the rights of the children and therefore, is expected that every individual who joins with SOS Children’s Villages Somalia understand his/her responsibility in protecting and keeping children always safe.

How to apply
Interested applicants should send their applications with a CV and scanned copies of your academic and professional certificates indicating telephone numbers and three referees to: this email hr.so@sossomalia.org indicating with subject line of the position.

Closing date is 20th January,2023

Competent Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.